Order items from the 'fabric of the week', available for just 7 days from Wednesday each week.


Fabric will be ordered to fulfil the orders received and items will be dispatched with 7-10 days **(if you would like an alternative print - that you have confirmed with me - then complete details in the text field.


Items available:


Skirts - Classic, Panelled and Flare Styles - sizes s,m,l  £30

Arm Sleeves - one size  £15

Waist Belt - sizes s/l  £15

Gaiters - sizes xs,s,m,l  £15

Beanie Hat - one size  £12

Head Band - one size  £8

Wrist Pocket - s/l  £5


Size guidelines....

Skirts   small (10)   medium (12)   large (14)

Waist Belt  small (up to 36")  large (over 36")

Gaiters  XS (up to size 5)  S (size 5.5 to 7)  M (size 7.5 to 10)  L (size 10.5 and over)

Fabric of the Week


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