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Order items from 'the fabric of the week', available for just one week from Wednesday to following Tuesday.


Fabric will then be ordered to fulfil the orders received, and dispatched within 7-10 days.


Items available:

Classic Style Running Skirt - size s,m,l  £30

Running Sleeves - one size  £15

Waist Belt - s,l  £15

Gaiters - size xs,s,m,l  £15

Beanie Hat - one size  £12

Head Band - one size £8

Size guidelines

Skirt small (10) medium (12) large (14)

Waist Belt small (up to 36" waist) Large (over 36" waist)

Gaiters X Small (up to size 5) Small (size 5.5 to 7) Medium (size 7.5 to 10) Large (size 10.5 and over)


Fabric of the Week