A unique custom made race poncho using race shirts. It takes 32 panels, including hood, so that is the maximum number of shirts I can include.

If you have less, I can use the reverse sides (although these sometimes have advertising) and/or I can infil with plain panels so you will still get the patchwork effect.

The poncho is lined using a soft fleece making it super warm and cosy - perfect for after that race. If, however, you would prefer an alternative lining (perhaps towelling to make more of a changing robe) then that can easily be done.

It has a toggle fastening, leaving a large opening for getting on over your head. The toggles are hand turned and can be wood or acrylic. These are really an unique item handmade by myself.

Race Poncho

  • As this is handmade, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Upon ordering, I will give details of where to send the shirts.